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The cycle of addiction can be very difficult to break. It usually cannot be achieved without assistance, usually in the form of professional intervention. Let us help you find relief. If you want to end your drug abuse, Seasons Counseling Inc. offers substance abuse treatment in Stayton, OR.
At Seasons Counseling Inc., we offer a variety of services designed to help you achieve lasting recovery. Often, clients first seek counseling for drug addiction as a result of getting in trouble with the law. If you are court ordered because of a DUI or other legal issue, we can provide the mandatory evaluation, information, counseling, and documentation required by the court.
Our rehab program is designed to increase recovery rates. Many clients first require the use of detox centers, sometimes needing medical intervention because of withdrawal, hallucinations, or delirium tremens. Once detoxed, we can determine the best options for your rehabilitation from drug addiction. We offer group and individual counseling, and we can provide gender-based treatment if that is preferred.
Maintenance of recovery can be the most difficult part of any treatment program. We focus on relapse prevention. While short-term treatment is usually necessary, most clients also benefit from on-going support in order to maintain recovery. This can be achieved with our outpatient relapse prevention program or through AA. We can also provide on-going monitoring if required by the courts.
In the best case scenario, sometimes it is possible to prevent alcoholism and addiction before it happens. We deliver education and information programs designed to stop substance abuse from occurring.
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Whether self-motivated or court ordered, we can help you end alcoholism and drug addiction.


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